Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge: Come with Iris Scanner and 30MP Rear Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S9 is an extraordinary device which is expected to come in the first quarter of 2018 with incredible and advanced features like Iris scanner, S Pen functionality and many other features incorporated in the device to make the gadget superior. The device is expected to be an IP68 certified which gives assurance that the device is made up of the waterproof and dustproof body.


According to various reports, the device might come with incredible folding technology which makes the device look elegant and stylish. The device might come with AMOLED display with a curvy screen which was not present in the previous Samsung devices. The device is expected to have curvy edges with no bezel.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge

At the front side, the device is expected to come have the similar ordinary design with a home button placed under the screen at the bottom side along with back button and menu bar. The front camera is placed at the top of the gadget with an Iris scanner. Coming to the back side, the device is expected to come with a back camera followed by LED flash placed at the rear side of the device with company’s official logo placed at the middle.


Galaxy S9 Edge might run Android’s latest version Nougat which provides the latest and advanced interface. To make the device faster, Samsung might power the device with 4.5GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 830 processor with clubbing of 6GB RAM by which you and your kids can play many gaming apps simultaneously and can do their tasks like paintings, filling colors and sketches via color grab app. This app lets your kids fill colors on flower coloring pages, black and white pages and much more. The device is expected to come with 64GB and 128GB internal storage by which the user can store the number of data and information.

Samsung Galaxy Edge

For wide viewing picture, the device is expected to come with 5.8-inch HD display with a curvy screen. For protection purpose, the display might come with Sapphire glass coating which protects the device against scratches and dust particles. The 5.8-inch display might come with a resolution of 4096*2160 pixels which provides clear and crispy images. The device is expected to come with incredible 30 MP primary camera and 12 MP front camera.

Apart from this, the device might be featured with Iris scanner for security measures and S Pen functionality which let the user sketch paintings, write notes and many other functions. The device is expected to come with OLED screen which provides beautiful images and pictures. The device supports Wi-Fi connectivity for faster downloading and speedy web browsing. The gadget also supports various connectivity options like GPS for tracking location, Bluetooth for transferring files, WiFi for speedy downloading and many other options.


With such powerful specifications and features, the device is expected to come with a price range of $900 to $950 in the international market and around 60,000INR to 64,000INR in the Indian market.

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