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GoogleAllo is one of the trending messaging app released by Google itself. It contains different types of stickers, mojos and also supports the smart reply messaging option in it. Actually, Google Allo messaging app is a rivalry app to the Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, We chat, Line, etc. If you compare this app with other apps which I mention, this app is one of the advances technologically designed and modified app.


Google announced that they would launch the Google Allo in the month of September of 2016. In that app, Google Assistant is also assigned with that, which will help a Google Allo user allot. This app is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

If you use Google Allo, then it might be known to you that Google Allo is opened with your Google account but till you need your personal mobile number for registration purpose.And one more thing, its sticker sending styles and chatting features are really reliable and easy to access for their user. And also there is an option to send quick voice messages like audio message.  So, before going to use this app, you have to download this Google All messaging app first.

Now, I going to share with you how you can download Google Allo app on your device?

In generally, if you going to download this Google Allo app in your android device then you can do this in two different way. Like- the first one you can down this GoolgeAllo app directly from Google Play store and another one you can download from the internet as an anApk file. This process is little difficult compare to direct installation process with Google Play Store. In case of, if in any devices Google play store is not working properly or if any other difficulties will occur then they can install Google Allo by following this process.

Now follow my steps to download Google Allo ak and install on your device:

  • First, Go to your device browser and search by Google Allo apk file,
  • Now find the latest version of apk for Google All messaging app and download this file.
  • After completing the downloading process, go to your download folder and install this Allo app.
  • Now you are ready to use this app, but before going to use this one you have to register on that app with your Google account and with your mobile number.
  • During registration, I think they will take some confirmation for your verification purpose by sending secret mobile code in your mobile number.
  • After completing all these processes, now you are ready to use your personal Google Allo messenger without any distortion.


In this article, I mentioned above- how to download Google Allo apk and some comparison between GoolgeAllo with the Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and other popular messaging app. As I mention before, Google Allo is much more updated and unique designed and also a future trending messenger app for every iOS and Android user. Here, that’s all about the Google All messaging app. If you have any query regarding this article, you can share with us.We are always happy to help you.

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